Inner Peace is the goal

Bangkok, Thailand

Another beautiful day thriving here in Thailand with my best friend "Dao" (Preedawan Kissinger).

During my meditation time, it came to me the obvious relationship of all of us to each other and also all beliefs (religions also) to one another...

Many people have seen "The Life of PI" movie where a young Indian boy grows up deciding to be Hindu, Christian, and Islam faiths all at the same time.  This seemingly impossible task combines the main 2 things in all of us.  1. Suffering - we will all suffer and 2. Love - we all hope to find true, or unconditional, Lifetime Love.  Fascinating enough, for me at least, in the end the main character PI has found his simple Inner Peace and minimized suffering by simply being and enjoying his simple life with his wife...

Peace Always!

A Simple Man


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