Fly - Run - Walk - Crawl - JUST KEEP MOVING!!!

11 March 2019
Bangkok, Thailand

Another quote that is similar to MLK Junior's is the following:

"If you can't Fly - Run, if you can't Run - Walk, and if you can't Walk - Crawl.  
But whatever you do keep living and moving."

Bottom-line, we all get down some days and need to remember to simply keep moving and our Energy (Qi or Chi in Chinese) flowing and do our best.  

Personally I am not actively flying as a Flight Instructor or Commercial Pilot any more, so I focus on my personal fitness more.  Furthermore, as a "terminal" brain cancer Thriver, I simply focus on the wonderful things given to me in every moment.  It might be something as simple as the clean fresh water to drink that helps me to flush out the impurities in my system or to make a good pot of Green or my other natural "Anti-Cancer" Tea made from many Asian herbs.  And it is also being thankful for the talented Chinese Acupuncturist here in Bangkok who along with the other alternative and complementary methods of healing keep my body alive and well.  

Stay Happy - Stay Healthy!  

- BK out


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