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JUSMAGTHAI - Still Serving Others

24 August 2019

As I listen on the "radio" to my Alma Mater's The University of Florida's Gator Football team start their first football game against The University of Miami, I am simply thankful.

Thankful for so many things.  Yet mainly for life itself, for sharing life with my wonderful wife Dao, and the rest of my family and friends who are wonderful human beings who help keep me strong.

Thank you all for being part of my life and being such wonderful and helpful people.

Last week I was asked to fill a position at JUSMAGTHAI (Joint United States Military Advisory Group Thailand) to help other Veterans, military retirees and their dependents in a special role.

Here is the official US Embassy website with information on JUSMAGTHAI:

It is an honor and I look forward to simply serving and doing my best to help others for the duration.

There are many simple needs we have to help make life a littl…

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