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Up to yoU!

"Up to yoU" is a simple statement one hears sometimes in Thailand... 
Basically, it is a manifestation of our Free Will and our ability to determine our own Destiny.  
It's the reason I am back here in Thailand, married to a wonderful Thai Lady, and living a simple, peaceful, and wonderful Life that few of my fellow Americans could imagine.  And it was mostly "Up to Me."  I had to make some tough decisions, changes, and simply decide to live a better life. 
As a "100% Disabled American Veteran" with terminal brain cancer that was caused by my military service (radiation from the Special Operations aircraft I flew) I happily served my country for decades before being medically retired early as a Major. 
Now it's time to simply be simple and enjoy Life more...AND it's Up to yoU if you want to do the same...

Best wishes always!  Brian K Kissinger

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